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SharePoint Access a Key Factor in Bradley Manning Leaks


According to the Army’s digital forensic expert, accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning obtained classified Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments from a SharePoint site, and subsequently leaked them to WikiLeaks. Wired magazine states that the forensic analyst discovered “scripts on Manning’s computer that pointed to a Microsoft SharePoint server holding the Gitmo documents. He ran the scripts to download the documents, then downloaded the ones that WikiLeaks had published and found they were the same” [1] Unauthorized SharePoint… Read More »

NetworkWorld Highlights SharePoint Data as a Source of Risk


According to a recent survey summarized in Network World, 48% of respondents indicate that they share privileged company information via SharePoint, while 64% indicate that they do not maintain an audit log around their SharePoint installations. These numbers, while not terribly surprising, should at least raise some eyebrows, and prompt some analysis and thinking about the widespread use of SharePoint. It comes down to some simple questions – do you know who has access to… Read More »