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Bradley Manning, Army Leaks and IAM


After three years, the trial of alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning began yesterday.  As you may recall, Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, stands accused of sending more than 700,000 sensitive documents to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  The United States government contends that the release of such privileged information had the potential to not only jeopardize U.S. interests in the Middle East, but national security as a whole,  while Manning argues the information’s publication was intended… Read More »

SharePoint Access a Key Factor in Bradley Manning Leaks


According to the Army’s digital forensic expert, accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning obtained classified Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments from a SharePoint site, and subsequently leaked them to WikiLeaks. Wired magazine states that the forensic analyst discovered “scripts on Manning’s computer that pointed to a Microsoft SharePoint server holding the Gitmo documents. He ran the scripts to download the documents, then downloaded the ones that WikiLeaks had published and found they were the same” [1] Unauthorized SharePoint… Read More »

Questions in Advance of the Bradley Manning Hearing


Next week’s military assignment of accused leaker Bradley Manning promises to be interesting at many different levels, with defense and prosecution sparring in the press over witnesses and legal strategies. Putting aside the political and legal aspects, we will be watching this closely to see how much of a role access management plays, and to find some answers to questions that are relevant to us as practitioners in this space.  Specifically, did the Army know… Read More »

Upcoming Trial for Accused WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning


Private Bradley Manning, who has been charged with 22 counts associated with the leaks of classified information to WikiLeaks, will be facing a pre-trial hearing starting December 16, during which his defense attorneys plan to call 50 witnesses to testify. Most of this will be open to the public, and will likely be covered in-depth by the media. From an information security perspective, I’m particularly interested in seeing how much of a role access management… Read More »